Android vs iOS App Quality

utest.pngIf you are interested in Android vs iOS development you might take a look at uTest’s State of Mobile App Quality infographic. The infographic is based on data obtained from hundreds of thousands of comments on tens of thousands of apps.

The two app categories that have noticable differencies in satisfaction are games and tools. Users are less satisfied with games on Android and with tools on iOS.

The problem with games on Android is that it’s more difficult to create smooth games in Java. Java garbage collection can ruin the experience and it’s necessary to instead write in c using the Android NDK which is a lot more tricky. Also, games houses have preferred iOS where users are known be willing to pay for apps. Hence, the best games are on iOS. Tools on iOS are much less capable than those on Android due to the more restrictive programming API and Apple’s tighter T&Cs on what apps are allowed to do.

The infographic also tells us about stuff users hate…


The largest differences in satisfaction seem to be due to the Android install mechanism the price of iOS apps. However, even Android users are fairly dissatisfied with the price of apps.