Affiliate Networks and Mobile

hasoffers.pngAs mobile browsing goes mainsteam, many of the concepts applicable to the desktop web are being re-applied to the mobile web. One such area is affiliate networks which is depicting via an infographic. 19% of all clicks are now coming from mobile users, with mobile CPA averaging $0.37 more than the desktop. The infographic provides some great stats on mobile internet growth, conversion, payout, CTR, cps, and clicks from each mobile platform.


The infographic and stats pertain to the mobile internet. i.e. People browsing sites. However, there’s also opportunity for app developers. Instead of (or as well as) using ad network’s adverts, think about embedding your own adverts that use affiliate links from traditional affiliate networks.

Also think about using affiliate schemes to promote your app. For example, you might encourage people to put your affiliate links in others’ apps or use traditional non-mobile affiliate schemes to promote your app.