Opportunities in Mobile Video

dacast.pngDaCast has a great infographic on the worldwide growth of mobile video streaming (jpg). It depicts the growth of video traffic and breaks down types of users by age and gender. It also shows current and projected revenues from video and future mobile video growth. Here’s the part showing worldwide growth over one year…


If you like the infographic, DaCast also have another on on how to make money from video (jpg).

Despite the growth of video, I think most of the growth is in ‘traditional’ areas such as YouTube, films on demand and live broadcasting. However, there are other opportunities. For example, I have recently been working with a company using video to improve user uptake. The problem with some non-trivial apps is that they are doing something so new that the user has yet to ‘get it’ and has to be led through how to use the app because it’s an unfamiliar paradigm. Videos are ideal for this, especially if they available inside the app on first use.