Apps on a Budget

genericmobile.gifI sometimes start to see trends when I talk to people at events or to prospective clients. One very recent trend seems to be developing an app on a budget. People seem to be more cost-aware. Maybe it’s the World economy, maybe it’s a need to achieve a better return on investment or maybe it’s a way of reducing the financial risk. Whatever the reason, people seem to want to spend less on creating apps.

This has made me think about some recommendations for reducing cost…

  • Is your app just showing information and not doing much else? If so, consider one of the many inexpensive online app generators.
  • Limit the UI eye candy in your app and concentrate on the main functionality. Go with the device theme rather than having your own graphical theme.
  • Consider limiting the number of devices you need the app to work on. This will reduce development, testing and ongoing support. Do a quick survey of your typical users. What phones do they really have?
  • Consider using Backend as a Service
  • Think about who is developing your app. Marketing and media agencies are probably outsourcing your app. Can you go direct?
  • Minimise re-work. Spend time upfront deciding what you want and stick to it.

Finally, keep it simple. Concentrate on the one main function of the app and do it well. Improve the app sideways later based on feedback, not on your own intuition which will almost certainly be wrong.