m-Payment and App Security

At the very start of the year, I commented on how people thought m-payments were going to be big in 2012. The Hybris infographic Keeping Up with Mobile Commerce depicts the 10 latest developments that are sparking growth and innovation. Intuit also has an infographic on the Digital Wallet and the Future of payments that shows how payments will be going mobile. However, it also shows that the largest obstacle is trust…


Are apps safe? Is it just like the desktop web where consumers initially distrusted sites that were, in fact, safe. Is it just perception?

This ties in well with my previous thoughts on safe coding and security issues. In fact, apps aren’t necessarily that safe at the moment. Myprivatebanking’s recent apps survey of the World’s top 50 banks showed that only 30% of the banks offer appropriate safety measures.

A lot of apps have been created very quickly over the last few years. This rush has caused many to not be as secure as they should be. Only last year I had my first request for consultancy to audit an app. At the time it seemed an odd request but what with the rise of m-payment I can now see the greater need for 3rd party audits.