The Enterprise and Mobile Platform Security


Dimensional Research has a recent free report on The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security (pdf) that highlights some of the issues related to enterprise device security. The report is based on a survey of 768 respondents responsible for securing company access in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.


The report shows the dramatic growth in the use of personal devices at work, how iOS is the most used mobile platform, Android is the most risky platform and that mobile devices are driving an increase in security risk. The main problems are seen to be lack of employee awareness, insecure web browing and use of insecure WiFi. Careless employees are seen to be a greater risk than hackers.

Of particular interest to mobile developers targeting the enterprise is a chart showing the most used mobile platforms connecting to corporate networks…


The top platforms are iOS, BlackBerry and Android. This is a relatively large, quick turnaround from when, only several years ago, Windows Mobile and Symbian (and BlackBerry) used to be the top platforms in enterprise.