Published Apps Becoming Invisible

There’s a thought provoking infographic created by Inneractive based on downloads of AppsGeyser’s 100,000 Android apps across 200 countries. It shows that, over time, it’s becoming less and less likely that you will achive 50K downloads over 6 months…


However, the infographic also shows that a network of apps significantly increases chances of 100K downloads in 6 months. That is, if you cross-promote, you can significantly increase a new app’s discoverability.

Speaking to colleagues and other developers at events, I am hearing a trend where lack of discoverability is becoming a sore point for some end clients commissioning apps. Across iOS and Android I am hearing of developers creating apps that the end clients (or management) are initially extremely pleased with but after publishing and poor downloads point the blame back to the developer.

This is yet another example where mobile developers have a duty to educate and not just blindly do what’s asked of them. We have reached a time when released apps are effectively invisible unless there’s some kind of PR and marketing activity. Mobile developers should make their clients aware of this and, where possible, advise strategies that they have seen work for other clients. If you are the end client, push your developer for help with this and other issues. They usually have a lot of experience you can tap into.