Where’s the Next Big Thing in Mobile?

gartner136.gifEntreprenurs are always on the look out for the next big thing. If you can predict just before it happens and have a product or service in place when it happens then you can take advantage of being first to market. Where’s the next big thing in mobile?

According to Gartner, tablets could be the next big thing.


So what kind of apps/services should you be considering? Again, according to Gartner, the opportunities lie in enterprise sales. However, these tablets will be owned by consumers who bring them to work.

I personally think Garner’s predicted stats for Microsoft might be a bit pessimistic. While I can believe there will be a growth in tablets, the actual OS share is probably less certain. Any speculative venture might need to back all OS platforms in order to ‘be there’ if and when this next big thing happens.