Intel in Mobile

anandtech.pngAnandTech have a thorough review of the Lava Xolo X900, the first Intel smartphone based on Android. The phone is capable in all areas, including battery life and we can expect to see many more devices based on Intel’s Medfield Platform that packs a lot more into one chip (SoC).

However, the main innovation for software developers is Intel’s binary translator. The problem with non-arm devices is that any existing apps that use the NDK to run c native code (Intel previously estimated about 25% of them) won’t work. Intel have created a binary translator that converts ARM to x86.


Intel isn’t just entering the smartphone market. They have recently announced a rugged Studybook that will be running Android. 2go also have an Intel based rugged studybook that looks remarkably similar. There’s no mention whether these studybook’s will also include the binary translator. However, even if they don’t, it’s expected educational apps would be written specially for the studybook in which case it’s possible to specifically target x86 in the Android NDK.