The Importance of Communication and Foresight during App Development


I have previously given some tips on how to choose a mobile developer. However, I think one of the most important aspects of development is communication. You should try to assess, based on past work, how eager the developer is to speak to others. Some developers are insular and end up creating the wrong things in strange ways – strange because these people also tend to prefer to invent convoluted things rather than re-use. Open developers continually feed back and solicit information to produce exactly what you want, re-using as much as they can.

When speaking with potential developers, these are the kinds of things you should be trying to unveil…

  • Whether the developer has really understood the brief. They should be asking lots of questions.
  • Evidence of when they have provided advice without being asked
  • Preference for an iterative work process that regularly feeds back pre-releases
  • Examples of when they have known it’s better to consult others for a solution rather than battling on
  • Instances where suggesting a change of specification has caused a saving of time and effort
  • Cases where they have opted to use a pre-built solution rather than write something themselves
  • Scenarios where they have pre-assessed the feasibility of doing something rather than (much) later blindly hitting a stumbling block
Most of this is as equally applicable for digital agencies or large software houses as it is for individual developers. If there’s no communication and foresight it’s more than likely you won’t be getting what you expect.