Enterprise, Platforms and HTML

xcubelabs.pngAn area that I am increasingly working on is B2B rather than B2C. B2B encompasses lots of areas with most apps being distributed outside the app stores.

A subset of B2B is Enterprise Mobility. [x]cube labs have a great Enterprise infographic that identifies the people and processes, frames mobility as an important part of IT strategy, splits the market size by geographic location and provides some business benefits of mobile computing. There are also some insights into the platforms that companies intend to support…


The infographic goes on to say that HTML will be the preferred choice for enterprise apps. This might be true. Many enterprise apps are just a view of information on a server and there is rarely any need for deep interaction with the phone features. Also, employees are more forgiving of (and don’t necessarily expect) enterprise apps to have the look and feel nor fidelity of the platform they are viewing from.