Developer Garden Component Marketplace

developergarden.pngDeveloper Garden Component Marketplace is a new online marketplace from Deutsche Telekom (powered by Verious) where developers can buy and sell software components for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and HTML5. It includes some Deutsche Telekom components as well as those provided by Verious.

Components are a great way to get your project up and running quickly. However, here are some things to think about before blindly using a 3rd party component…

  • What happens if there’s a problem, for example a bug in the component?
  • What happens if the 3rd party goes out of business?
  • What happens if the component becomes incompatible with future released devices?
  • What are the costs? Is there a per-user/device cost? Do the costs scale well?

The first three considerations are non-issues if you can also obtain the source code.

Also, another thought. Some of the components I found on the component marketplace had open source equivalents with slightly less functionality – check these first to work out what extra a commercial solution is actually offering.