Mobile Application Strategy Failure

gartner136.gifToday I came across a recent Gartner press release where they identify "10 Mistakes That Lead to Mobile Customer Service Failure". While the mistakes are mentioned within the context of a customer service application, I see them as applicable to any kind of app…
  • Violation of the "three-click/tap/press" rule
  • Difficulty with ergonomics, especially text input
  • Not reusing learned behaviors — such as soft keys, navigation
  • Violating "security 101." 
  • Difficulty with navigation
  • Burying most important functions
  • Incorrect or illegible display of text or graphics
  • Inability to revise mistakes
  • Content visibility
  • Resource inefficiency
This list of mistakes, described in more detail in the press release, provides a useful "flight check" before embarking on a mobile app. I also have some missed requirements and programming complexity requirements that you might also use as flight checks.