Enterprise Tablet Shift to Android

idgconnect.pngIDG Connect has a very useful free (requires registration) white paper on ‘The Global Shift To Android: Business and IT professionals’. It explores how businesses’ tablet-users across the world are turning away from iOS towards Android. It’s based on a June survey of 3124 global IT and business professionals.

Some insights…

  • 42% of IT professionals and 31% of business professionals own Android tablets
  • Of existing business tablet owners, 60% own an iPad and 31% own an Android tablet
  • In all geographic regions, more first-time purchasers now say they will buy an Android tablet rather than an iPad
  • In Europe, 23% of non-owners plan to buy an iPad, compared with 49% who plan to buy an Android tablet


Read the white paper to discover more about the buying cycle and why people are starting to choose Android tablets. There’s also more data on use in leisure time and geographic splits.

For developers, this is confirmation that Android tablets are likely to be the next mobile opportunity. Related to this is the availability of more rugged tablets more suited to the enterprise.