Canalys Q2 2012

canalys.gifCanalys released their Q2/2012 figures while I was away last week. I take more interest in Canalys reporting because a) They are World figures (I dislike the way some other researchers quote US figures as if they are World numbers) and b) The numbers are based on shipments and not on something such as use of an ad network that is bound to have some geographical or mobile platform bias.


Some observations… 

  • Android went from 47.6% to 68.1% market share over a year
  • Windows Phone is definitely a failure now
  • Blackberry has a low market share of only 5.4%
I believe we have now reached the stage where it’s not really worth developing new apps on BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. It’s now iOS (for revenue from paid apps) and Android for reach.