Site and App Analytics Tools

mobyaffiliates.pngLast Tuesday I covered the Mobile Apps Marketing Mobile Monday event which mentioned the importance of numbers (metrics). How do you get these numbers? MobyAffiliates has a well-researched list of The Best Mobile Site and App Analytics Tools.

I prefer tools, such as Flurry, that allow you to additionally create custom metrics. That is, you can create custom name/value pairs that you can send from your app when particular events occur. This allows you to report on just about anything related to the usage of your app. The problem with reporting on ‘anything’ or ‘everything’ is that it can cost your users a lot in data transfer, consumes their battery, can slow your app and gives you too much to analyse. Instead, think about how you might remotely control the depth and/or areas that send back metrics. For example, you might have the app access your server once a day to get the latest metrics configuration. That way you can turn selected metrics on/off as and when required without updating the app. Also consider including the ‘once a day’ as a parameter so that you can make the app more/less attentive to changes in metrics configuration as your need for metrics changes over time.