Android Tablet Development on the Rise?

evansdata.pngEvans Data have a new worldwide development survey (registration required just to see press release) of 400 mobile developers that shows that…
"Seventy-three percent said they either are currently writing apps for mobile devices (34.7%) or plan to within six months time (38.7%). Only 8% said they had no plans at all to write apps for tablets, with the rest planning to begin sometime after six months"
The reason is seen as…
“The tablet is the form factor of choice for many people and we see tablets eventually replacing the traditional laptop”
"Android tablets were cited most frequently as the type of tablet that would be targeted, with Samsung as the preferred Android device type."
I find these results surprising and I’d like to see more data/surveys back this up. While I am seeing companies wanting to target tablets, Android tablet development usually comes a far second place to the iPad. However, I can see how tablets are gradually displacing the desktop and this ties in with recent statistics that show that apps are replacing (desktop) search.