Mobile Technology: Art or Science

momoshoreditch.pngLast night I was at Mobile Monday Shoreditch where the topic was ‘Mobile Technology: Art or Science’. While I was expecting a discussion on whether creating mobile sites/apps/services is predominantly art or a scientific activity it was more of an interesting showcase of art in mobile and a discussion on whether the creatives drive mobile or vice versa.

As I am probably more of a scientist than an artist, I found the topics discussing the interfaces and boundaries between creatives and implementors more interesting. For example, does Agile development encourage or discourage creativity? I personally believe it encourages reflection and hence improves creativity. However, the real issue is probably more about some creative people discouraging Agile. For example, Andy Bennett spoke of how some companies’ creative people block ideas/design when insisting they can’t be shown until they are virtually complete. Big upfront design limits the development process options.

I also found some inspiration when one of the panellists (I think it was James Nash from Accenture) said he had purchased an app because it "looked beautiful". While many apps try to use functional attributes as unique selling propositions, "looking beautiful" can be just as, if not more, effective.