Mobile Enterprise Initiatives

zenprise.pngZenprise have some results of their recent survey of 501 IT professionals on their mobile initiatives. The survey and infographic reveal some very interesting findings…


  • 23.4% of those surveyed said they could place a monetary ROI on their mobile investment
  • 31.8% see a competitive differentiation as the primary benefit
  • 18.9% see increased revenue as the primary benefit
  • 81% of organizations will deploy custom mobile apps within the next 12 months
  • 41% have or will develop apps in-house
  • 40% have or will use a 3rd party to develop custom apps
  • 57% currently to 43% in 12 months
  • 79.8% cite data security as the most important capability
  • 79.1 % cite secure access as the most important capability

My experience of this is that while companies are heavily committing to mobile, many are treating mobile as a special case. Projects are being instigated by people who aren’t usually in charge of software projects. For example, some CEO-level people are creating their own side projects, managers are outsourcing to circumvent internal development politics and company IT support is only getting to know about projects very late. There are also some companies where there are multiple overlapping and/or conflicting mobile projects. Business as usual then.

However, mobile IS a special case, not because processes should be circumvented but because extra care should be taken. For example, special care to make sure apps are secure, work across all the anticipated devices and designed in such a way that development doesn’t get out of control.