Enterprise Mobile Challenges

accenture.gifAccenture have some interesting videos on their findings of global surveys of C-level executives, business unit leaders, IT decision-makers and application developers regarding how enterprises are looking at mobility.

In What do you consider one of the biggest challenges for CIOs in mobility?, device fragmentation is seen at the largest challenge. About half of companies are taking a hybrid approach (HTML + native) for mobile development.

In What issues tend to complicate enterprises’ mobility strategy?, cost, security and recruitment are seen as issues as well as interoperability with existing business systems. Companies not having one person in charge of mobility is also causing internal company conflict (see my previous take on mobile business chaos).

In What geographical disparities came out in the recent mobility survey conducted by Accenture?, it’s revealed that in China, companies are concentrating on internal apps for employees while in the UK they are targeting the consumer.

In Are CIOs’ priorities consistent around the world when it comes to mobility?, there are stats on the percentage of companies making mobile a no 1 or no 2 priority:

  • Mexica – 65%
  • China – 58%
  • Brazil – 48%
  • UK – 60%
  • US – 26%

Accenture explain that less developed countries might have mobile more as a top priority because they have fewer legacy systems and hence can implement mobile with fewer interoperability problems.

People who know me will know I have  been doing a much smaller, less formal and less statistically significant survey of companies (not just enterprises) with whom I have come into contact. Currently the top problems experienced by companies already in mobile are…

  • Downloads/reach
  • Monetisation
  • Recruitment of staff skilled in mobile
  • Controlling mobile software development so it doesn’t run and run
  • App Security
  • Supporting future devices that haven’t been released yet
These and the issues identified by Accenture are useful areas to think about, particularly if you are company that hasn’t yet started in mobile.