More on Partnerships

threeway.gifThree years ago I wrote some observations on having too many partners. Here are some insights based on more recent clients’ partnering experiences.

The best partners are often symbiotic partners. You know you have a viable partnership when the sum of two partners equals much more then each could have done individually. However, don’t discard unbalanced partnerships that cost you little or nothing. Partnering with someone who you think provides marginal benefits sometimes leads to stronger partnerships with further companies due the effects of networking and PR.

Beware of revenue share partners. Entrepreneurs often think they are clever when they can get a developer to do free work on a revenue share basis. No risk they think. I have observed a number of these become dysfunctional. What happens when the entrepreneur wants to go in a new direction and the developer doesn’t want to cooperate? Who ends up owning the source code? Who really owns the product?

I have observed that the most successful B2B mobile projects are those that have a person/partner ‘on the inside’. An inside partner is one who already knows there’s a market and has already sold the product before it has been created.