Top App Frustrations

apigee.pngApigee has announced findings of its 2012 Mobile App Review Survey of over 500 mobile app users. 96% of app users say there are frustrations that would lead them to give an app a bad review, including…

  • Freezes – 76%
  • Crashes – 71%
  • Slow responsiveness – 59%
  • Heavy battery usage – 55%
  • Too many ads – 53%
It’s my belief that too many companies ship an app and think the mission is accomplished. If you are serious about user retention you need to have analytics on the user experience. These analytics not only help pinpoint problems but can also be used to fine tune functionality to maximise retention (and possibly monetisation). Some companies ship apps with analytics but never look at the statistics. Successful companies/apps factor in effort to analyse and iterate.