Android Engagement

ibm.pngThere are currently many discussions on various social networks, blogs and forums regarding Android vs iOS engagement and monetisation – both within apps and shopping within the web browser. More recently, this has been fuelled by IBM’s 2012 Black Friday Results (infographic PDF) and analysis by Asymco.


The overall analysis is that Android doesn’t engage users as much as iOS (but there are some exceptions). Why is this? Here’s an aggregation of the more sensible reasons I have encountered…

  • iOS users tend to have a greater disposable income.
  • Many Android users are running old versions of the OS that have poorer web browsers.
  • Many Android users have poorer hardware that doesn’t suit web browsing.
  • People prefer to shop on a tablet rather than a phone. The iPad currently has a higher market share than Android tablets.
  • Worldwide figures include China that, for example last quarter, represented 40 to 50 million devices out of 122 million. This isn’t really an addressable market for most app developers.
  • There’s less investment in Android apps, hence poorer apps or ones that only support a few Android versions, and hence less engagement.
  • For Apps, it’s easier to buy on iTunes.
As with my previous post on Android Market Share, the more interesting question for me is how will these factors change over time?