Flurry Presentation and User Retention

flurry.pngThe Droidcon 2012 presentations are now online. The Flurry presentation by Simon Podd is particularly interesting for both iOS and Android developers.

7 out of 10 of new projects are on iOS rather than Android. During the questions, Simon couldn’t explain why there are nevertheless roughly the same orders of magnitude of apps on the respective app stores. This demonstrates how careful we must be looking at statistics and think about how they have been derived. It could be, for example, that more iOS developers tend to use Flurry than Android developers. Anyway, I think we can be sure more new projects are on iOS rather than Android.

The presentation also has some useful insights on the types of user that pay and average transaction sizes ($14 and only 3% of users actually do spend). As I have repeated a few times, developers need to be thinking as much about retention as acquisition. Here’s the graph showing poor app retention…