Accenture’s Predictions and Developer Opportunities

accenture.gifIf you are looking for some inspiration what to work on in 2013 you might like to take a look at Accenture’s informative free white paper/brochure on Predictions for the Communications, Media and High-Tech Industries (pdf).

Accenture talks of Complex Ecosystems evolving with more strategic alliances and joint ventures. More companies will realise they can’t do everything and look for partnerships in order to compete. I also think they will seek more acquisitions and this is an opportunity for some mobile solution providers to make an exit.

Another theme mentioned is that The Consumer is King of Content. Content will become increasingly generated by users and there are opportunities for developers to create tools that help them create and manage that content.

The paper talks of The Beginning of the End of the Downturn. Things that were on hold will start to take off. Accenture says that this might include areas such as mobile payments and the connected home.

Accenture gives Getting Serious with Mobile Security a topic in its own right. This will be driven by bring your own devices (BYOD) and we might see solutions based on security through increased collaboration. Again, there are opportunities here for mobile solution providers.

The white paper says we need Brave New Business Models that preserve, protect and diversify revenue streams. This will tie into orchestrating the consumer experience across multiple screens (multi-touchpoint) and involve more B2B propositions. There will be new multi-touchpoint challenges in mobile UI/UX design workflows that I happen to be speaking about at the MEX conference next year.