Android Conversions Higher Than iPhone

It’s always interesting to get stats from a new source as sources, typically ad networks, always end up having some sort of inherent bias due to the types of users they themselves attract. Affiliate Window is a large, online, non-mobile affiliate network and it’s interesting to see that they are recommending developers not ignore Android

"If we look back to January 2012, traffic through Android made up 30.56% and sales was slightly lower at 28.45%. By November, these figures had increased to 36.37% and 38.47% respectively. As well as being indicative of the share of Android sales increasing, it also highlights that Android conversion rates have been improving at a greater rate. We are now seeing Android convert at 2.57% while the iPhone is slightly lower at 2.35%."

The article reflects what I have been saying for a while now. Android is growing rapidly and the type of user is evolving such that tomorrow’s market will probably be very different to yesterday’s. Your mobile strategy might need to adapt accordingly.