silverpop.pngIf you are into mobile email marketing then you might take a look at SilverPop’s "Beyond Mobile-First: Think Multiscreen". Loren McDonald explains how mobile email marketers should think about how mobile email fits into an overall multi-screen strategy

However, the same message also applies to some kinds of app. For some apps it’s becoming just as important to think about how your app ties into use on the desktop, tablets, and increasingly on the smart TV. Do you need to sync data so that users can do everything everywhere or should you customise functionality based on the particular platform? Should you create smart links so people can easily navigate from one platform type to the next? Should other screens support multiple users or just one as on the smartphone? Digging deeper and further into the future, is it possible to remote control one screen from another, for example doing something on the phone that’s actioned on the desktop or TV?

If you think about it, most of today’s successful apps, to some extent, work across multi-screen. Maybe yours should?