MoMo London: Demo Night

mobilemondaylondon.gifLast night I was at Mobile Monday London Demo Night. There were talks from…
  • Blue Badge Style – A social network/geo system for the disabled
  • Animal Systems – A way to communicate small things (docs, images etc) using just sound
  • Boss Level – A multi-player, multi-platform HTML5 game
  • Connecthings – City information using NFC
  • Critical Arc – A large area (e.g. campus) based security system
  • Decibel Technology – Mobile (and desktop) analytics heatmap style reporting
  • Dennis Publishing – Responsive publishing system used for The Week
  • Globo Plc – GO!Enterprise – Enterprise mobility
  • Trademob – A way to reduce click fraud using publisher blacklisting
  • Vyclone – A social video platform
  • AudioSnaps – Taking small snippets of sound at the same time as taking a photo and embedding the sound in the jpg
One observation was that the majority (but not all) of the demo’ists had B2B business models in mind rather than direct B2C. I believe this is where the smart money is at the moment. Direct to consumer either via app purchase or freemium is a hard sell at the moment. There’s more opportunity in creating innovative apps that help a particular industry.