Mobile Monday Creative Mobile Fight Club

momoshoreditch.pngLast night I was at Mobile Monday Shoreditch where the theme was ‘Creative Mobile Fight Club’ that discussed creativity in mobile.

Jennifer Wilson from the Project Factory explained how creativity represents not just something that’s original and worthwhile but also something that delights and satisfies. Simon Gill from LBi and Ben Scott Robinson from SapientNitro provided examples of commercial ‘campaign’ projects showcasing creativity while Alvaro Arregui (freelance) and Stuart Amos from the Digital Puppet Show explained how a lack of commercial pressure and the resultant increased ability to iterate considerably improves the possibilities for creativity. We were told that many ‘campaign’ projects, despite incorporating creative ideas, have poor usability until (and sometimes if) they get to a third version.

I came away thinking that there are many more types of creativity in mobile other than mentioned at this event. Creativity should also manifest itself not just in the original idea for an app and the visual representation. For example, there’s creativity in implementation and creativity in devising a software process or workflow. Missing out on these aspects jeopardises the success of the project.

Having a concept that’s invented remote from the customer and the developer, that’s fully designed then later signed off before being seen by the developer, can result in failed projects that only get usable by "the third version". Most commercial campaigns don’t have the luxury of a third or even second version. Instead, it’s better to be more creative in the use of a workflow, for example agile, that involves the customer and developer so that you get many iterations in before that one and only release. In particular, this allows the developer to exercise their own creativity for the good of the project rather that just being told to "Implement that".