Customer Engagement and Loyalty

brandkeys.pngThere’s a thought provoking article about a Brand Key report on emotional engagement in purchase decisions and brand loyalty. The finding is that, due to the economic downturn, most brands have cut back on engaging customers and have instead concentrated in couponing and discounting.

My first thought is that couponing and discounting are obviously opportunistic areas for apps. However, more interesting is that Brand Keys found Apple and Samsung to be countering the discounting tend and instead offering products that are unique. Further…

"Products and services that consumers do not see as being freely interchangeable – that appear at the top of the 2013 year’s survey, include: Samsung (taking the top spot from Apple in the smartphone category), Amazon (which took the top spot from Apple in the tablet category)"

Maybe app developers also need to be thinking about emotional engagement rather than following the race to discount to near zero.