Mobile in Retail

deloitte.pngI am interested in retail at the moment because I am porting an iOS app to Android for a London startup in the retail/payment/loyalty space.

Deloitte have some very useful reports on mobile in retail. The Dawn of Mobile Influence (pdf) talks of how retailers are struggling to fund initiatives that they need to pursue to capture consumers’ changing behaviours. While many retailers are concentrating on what seems to be an obvious need to pay via mobile, Deloitte say that the effort might be better spent on using mobile to drive sales. 

Another Mobile Retailing report (pdf) uncovers the following…
  • When customers know more, they buy more
  • Data analytics is a must have capability
  • Instant gratification is the retailer’s best friend
  • The boundaries between social media and retail apps are blurring
  • Mobile payments are more efficient for everyone
  • Mobile-empowered associates may deliver better service to shoppers
  • An app alone will not do it

The Transforming Retail report discusses trends in retail across various retail categories, and provides some very useful concrete examples of how mobile technology can be used to to implement retail strategy.