App Data Protection and Security

appthority.pngMore and more governments are starting to think more about app data privacy and protection. For a great overview of the issues, take a look at Appthority’s news page that lists many recent articles.

Meanwhile, there’s recent European Commission Article 29 Working Party report (pdf) on apps on smart devices. The working party has "advisory status and acts independently. They do not reflect the position of the European Commission." I think the idea is that it provides advice to be used by the Data Protection authorities in the various European countries.

Looking at the working party recommendations for app developers, I can’t help but think that too much of this is qualitative rather than quantitative and hence open to too much interpretation. I can’t see much of it being implemented unless there are clearer goal posts. As with much of Europe’s politics, it’s bogged down in a quagmire of well meaning yet unworkable propositions. I believe it will take some large, high profile data mis-uses before more pragmatic guidelines become prevalent.