Android Consumer (and Industrial) Electronics

android.gifA long time ago, in 2007, I wrote about using Symbian as a replacement embedded development platform. In 2010, I again wrote about Android Beyond Phones and Apps, Apps for Phones that aren’t Owned and Embedded Projects on Android.

Roll forward to today and these things have started to become a reality. The current project I am working on is based on the Android Google TV platform even though it’s not for use as a settop box. A previous project I worked on, currently being trialed at London’s Morefields Eye Hospital, implements medical imaging using a high resolution Android camera phone.

All this has come about due to lower device costs and greater device diversity. Android isn’t just about phones. It’s also about USB pen based devices, hard drive based TV boxes, small tablets without a phone and even rugged devices.

Other examples of Android-based products include…

As I wrote previously, I believe such solutions offer longer lasting and potentially more profitable opportunities than the usual apps/services paradigm.