Increasing App User Retention

localytics.pngWhile many naive app developers concentrate on increasing downloads, the cleverer ones know success is usually related to retaining users beyond running the app just a few times. Localytics has recent research into app user retention that shows retention rates are increasing. The current retention numbers are similar across Android and iOS….


So how do you retain users? Here are a few thoughts…

  • Make the UI fit the phone it’s running on. Web-looking apps on Android and iOS probably won’t get used more than once. Similarly, iOS looking apps on Android are a turn off.
  • Don’t make the user wait unnecessarily for data. Bundle what you can with the app, cache and pre-fetch were possible.
  • Think about how you might re-engage users through push notifications. However, make them relevant and helpful rather than pushy otherwise they will cause people to uninstall.
Unlike the majority of developers, don’t ‘ship and forget’. In particular…
  • Use crash reporting to discover and fix bugs quickly.
  • Use analytics to discover which features users use most. Make these central to the app and improve them over time.
  • Listen to feedback and get known in your app’s comments as a ‘listening developer’.