Chatty APIs and the Mobile Cliff

smithspointanalytics.pngTwo years ago I wrote about chatty apps and how several apps I have worked on have needed to aggregate up server requests into one large request to provide for less ‘chatty’ communication. Less chatty communication improves efficiency both on the phone and server sides.

Smith’s Point Analytics has a new report on "Avoiding the Mobile Cliff" (pdf) explaining how chatty APIs can lead to a problems. Their free report also suggests some solutions including having custom APIs for each usecase, using frameworks for server side code and using a middleware layer. The report mentions how newer protocols might also improve performance.


While on the topic of data, Mobidia have some very useful stats on WiFi vs Cellular data use that shows that users actually use WiFi much more that mobile data. Nielsen also have some UK specific data that seems to correlate well with the Mobidia data.