iOS or Android First (and Android Only)?

clicklabs.pngClick Labs has a recent post and infographic on The Great Developer Debate: iOS or Android first? covering the issues of brand identity, age groups, the job market, market share, downloads, revenue, free vs paid and web traffic.


One observation I have is that I am increasingly taking on projects that will only work on Android. People are starting to think how they can use Android in more innovative ways rather than just producing generic consumer apps. A recent example is the eye check app I produced for IRISS Medical that needs a very high resolution and high quality camera only available on Android. Even my current client work, that I can’t yet disclose, involves use of the Android TV platform for innovative purposes for which it wasn’t originally conceived. There are also rugged Android devices that take the platform to other vertical markets.

Android has a wide footprint and there are increasingly projects that are ‘Android Only’ as opposed to ‘Android First’.