Project Learnings and Domain Experts

tab.pngThere’s an interesting article at on Tab (previously Subscrib) on learnings from their journey from startup to shutdown. I’ll just comment on their first learning but I encourage you to read the whole article if you are building a new startup.

"Be from the space or build a team of experts in the space you are attacking; if you can not find anyone to join you, your vision and plan may need rethinking or you need metrics that just cannot be ignored"

Having worked with lots of entrepreneurs over the years I have previously written how the more successful ones often have someone on the inside, someone who knows the business area, knows the domain, are experts in a particular field and how the best app designers are sometimes the client themselves.

The Medium article takes this further. If you don’t have anyone who fulfils these needs then you will also probably have more difficulty getting funding and recruiting people who believe in your vision.