Android First is a (US) Myth

There’s a new thought provoking blog post by Steve Cheney on Why Android First is a Myth. His main argument is that Android costs more to develop than iOS such that it exceeds typical seed funding. I think Steve’s view is influenced somewhat due to him being in the US. He assumes several things…
  • The vast majority of innovative mobile startups come out of the US
  • Startups are Seed and then VC funded
  • Android costs 2-3x more than iOS
  • It costs $1 million to hire one designer, one client developer (iOS or Android) and one back end engineer

While the US might (or might not) be top for startups, I do know there’s a very large number of startups in Europe and Asia. Most I come into contact with aren’t seed or VC funded but instead rely on private investment. Many start as ‘one man in a garage’ and don’t need $1 million to get started. Also, whether Android costs 2-3x more than iOS depends very much on the technical aspects of the project and also how well the project is executed.

My experience is influenced due to me being in the UK where there’s much less seed/VC funding. I have previously written how I have seen VC rounds kill companies and how I have seen the more successful companies run lean on angel/private funding and only later take on ‘partners’ rather than investors who can help them get to market.