Android 81% Smartphone Market Share

strategyanalystics.gifStrategy Analytics has a new report that says Android now has an 81% smartphone market share. The gains have mainly been at the expense of BlackBerry and Apple. Microsoft Windows Phone actually doubled its market share and it is currently the world’s fastest growing mobile OS. However, in my opinion, growing your market share from 2 percent to 4 percent isn’t that significant.


As Strategy Analytics points out, Android dominance is likely to be a blip in the statistics because the iPhone 5 models are popular and should help regain some market share worldwide this next quarter. That’s the problem with quarterly numbers such as these. They don’t account well for vendors, such as Apple, who only ship a new product once a year and end up with see-saw sales. However, Tomi Ahonen takes a different look at the Apple numbers by taking a moving average that seems to show that Apple sales might have actually peaked.