Mobile Monday MWC Stand Competition Finals

mobilemondaylondon.gifThis evening I was at Mobile Monday London where the MWC Stand Competition Finals were being held. The following short listed companies competed for UKTI / ICT KTN free stand space at Mobile World Congress in 2014…
  • Nquiring Minds – Nick Allot
  • Viewranger – Ben Howard (Winner)
  • Capito Systems – Tony Ballardie (Winner)
  • 23snaps – Meaghan Fitzgerald (Winner)
  • 5Tiles – Michal Kubacki and Piotr Pieczynski (Winner)
  • Peachinc – Daniel Morris (Winner)
  • Spatial Buzz – Leon Hardwick
  • Coveritas – Sean Redmond
  • Design for Social Change – Priya Prakash
  • Red Glasses – Adam Martin

I was particularly impressed with Spatial Buzz that solves a problem I have very recently experienced myself – knowing if/why a telco network is down and feeding back information to the telco. At first I was very sceptical as I have seen, first hand, how difficult it can be to get multiple parts of a large telco to cooperate and share information. However, I was impressed when they said they were already working with Telefonica and Tesco in the UK. Sadly, Spatial Buzz didn’t win a place.

I am not sure if it was the nature of the competition, the short listing or the the prize itself but nearly all the companies said they were looking for ‘partners’ (rather than ‘customers’) to help grow their businesses. Also, none of them were a pure app selling or freemium proposition – which are probably less viable business models now apart from a few exceptions.