Mobile Apps and Enterprise Legacy Systems

microfocus.pngIf you are struggling to create mobile apps within your company, you are not alone. Micro Focus/Vanson Bourne have an insightful free presentation on "The struggle to deliver mobile apps" (pdf) based on a study of 590 IT decision makers.

Read how mobile devices will increasingly need access to business applications and the reasons for doing so. Discover how Android is reaching saturation point and mini-tablets are the big growth area. Read how in-house development teams are not considered ideal and how businesses are struggling to update apps quickly. However, businesses are only outsourcing a small amount of their mobile development because ISVs are reticent to develop apps that work with legacy (mainframe) systems.

I find this strange because legacy systems are effectively the same as servers except that they usually have textual (terminal) interfaces. It’s possible to programatically talk to such interfaces textually and convert these to http/REST style interfaces that mobile apps typically use. Maybe there’s a market for some generic terminal emulator/REST middleware?