Apps in Business

econsultancy.pngEconsultancy have the results of a new report into the use of apps in business/enterprise. The survey includes nearly 400 international companies across the primary indices in the UK (FTSE 100), the US (S&P 100), Denmark (OMXC 20), Finland (OMXH 25), France (CAC 40), Germany (DAX 30), Italy (FTSE MIB) and Sweden (OMXS30).


The survey splits analysis by whether apps are consumer or internally facing. There are also comments and charts based on the number of apps produced per company.

Whether internal or external facing, I recommend business/enterprise survey a representative sample of the target users to determine the actual devices being used. This will always be more accurate than any 3rd party unconnected market research or indeed whim of someone within the company.