Enterprise Mobile App Strategies

forrester.gifThe MobileEnterpriseStrategies blog has a thought provoking post containing notes from a Forrester Research presentation. There are lots of insights but the one that stood out for me was…

"New mobile apps and businesses like My Taxi, Hailo, Uber offer benefits to both customers and service providers (Taxi drivers), not just to the consumer."

Thinking back to my past projects, the enterprise apps with most business traction have tended to be those that consumers AND service providers AND intermediaries all want/need. If any of these parties don’t have the motivation to participate then it tends to be a poorer proposition. A good example of this is MyDrive Solutions car driving telematics app, which I created an Android variant for, for one of their insurance clients. The MyDrive app benefits the consumer because they ultimately get cheaper insurance. It benefits the intermediaries, the car insurance companies (MyDrive’s clients), because they gain extra business from clients they would otherwise have to avoid insuring.

I think the message here for Enterprise is to create apps that all concerned parties (i.e. one or more of end users, suppliers, customers and resellers) will need/want. If one party can do just as well without it then they won’t participate and it might result in a poorer business proposition. For entrepreneurs exploring ideas in the Enterprise space, or indeed any space, they should be thinking of solutions with strong benefits for all parties.