Enterprise Pays

visionmobile.gifThe Visionmobile Developer Economics site has a new post on how building enterprise apps is paying 4x more than consumer apps. This seems to vindicate my previous posts where I mentioned that I saw opportunities in building more enduring apps for business solutions rather than trying to target consumers via free apps, paid apps and freemium with (usually entertainment) apps that usually have a very short shelf life.


In some cases consumers can still be the users of the apps. It’s just that people paying for them are companies. Companies need their businesses exposed via mobile for the long term and hence the apps are longer term propositions. Apps range from specific, vertical apps such as insurance (quotes) and banking to more generic apps such as account management, catalogues/stores and customer service. These latter, more generic, apps are suitable for white labelling that can be very profitable if designed well. Note, however, that white labelling apps can be implemented many ways and naive solutions can be difficult and expensive to manage.

The Developer Economics post also has a comment where someone asks how to court enterprise clients in that it seems the largest barrier to entry. Those who follow me will already know I advocate forming the company with people who already know the domain and have deep contacts in that industry. Knowing the domain means you are more likely to be solving a real problem, the app is likely to be nearer ‘right first time’ and the contacts help you gain early traction.