Android Malware Cross-infection

android.gifI continue to think that this year is going to be an eventful year for Android malware and the knock on effects. Only today, I heard that Windows malware is starting to attempt to infect connected Android devices.

Google isn’t standing still. In unrelated news, Google have introduced a change to future versions of Android that will prevent some files from being executed from /data. However, it’s thought that this change might also mean the end of apps that depend on rooted devices.

As Google tighten security, it’s likely people, including developers, will become inconvenienced. It’s already a pain (during automated testing) that the latest devices don’t automatically allow access via ADB. This is particularly troublesome when a device has to be wiped during automated testing and forgets what ADB clients have been authorised. Also recently, I am getting warnings when the OS (or is it Play Services) insists on continually asking if I need to malware check every new app I write that it doesn’t know about. Indeed, one or two of the apps are very confidential and never intended for public distribution so it makes me wonder what will happen to the app if I ever accidentally say ‘Yes’ to an invitation to check it for malware. Will the app ever make its way off the device? Is there any scenario where it might be examined by a human?

As the security gets tighter, the side effects of such security will get harder to predict.