Android All-In-Ones


There has been a recent increase in the number of manufacturers producing Android All-in-ones (AIO). Examples include in the Acer TA272, Philips S231C4AFD and HP Slate 21-k100 All-in-One. For some reason there hasn’t been much marketing around these products and few people know they even exist.


They are effectively large touch screen monitors with Android built-in. While they look fun and I am tempted to get one I am not sure how they satisfy a typical consumer’s needs. They are in between a desktop and a tablet and it’s likely most consumers will already have both of these. It’s less portable (and more expensive) than a tablet and less functional than a desktop (Mac or PC).

However, where I can see AIOs being used is in more vertical and business applications. Many in-store, hospitality, vending, ticketing and other such specialist one-use situations would benefit from a single box, large screen solution that users can touch to interact. I believe there are many opportunities in this area waiting to be explored.