Android Wear

android.gifGoogle have just announced Android Wear. There are details on the Motorola 360 on SlashGear and the LG G Watch on Engadget. Developers can sign up for the preview SDK. There’s also a Google+ community.


While the watches look fun to develop for and I’ll probably end up owning one, I am not sure they are going to be a big hit beyond developers and a few gadget fans. To date, programmable/smartphone-linked phones haven’t taken off due to their high cost combined with the mass market perception that they are for geeks.

I think this might have been more successful had it been launched by Apple. Apple users have the disposable income for these toys and wearing an iOS ‘piece of jewellery’ would have been seen to be far more ‘awesome’ (hate that over-used word) than owning an Android watch. It’s even called ‘Android Wear’ as opposed to ‘Google Wear’ sacrificing some ‘coolness’ (hate that word as well) for increased Android brand visibility.