Demand for Mobile OS Developers

I have been looking at the demand for Android and iOS developers in the US and UK. US oriented WantedAnalytics has some stats on the most in-demand mobile operating systems for February 2014…


Their hiring scale, in range 1 to 99, scores skills according to how hard they are to fill. All of the above operating systems score around 80 signifying they are hard to fill.

Meanwhile, in the UK, ITJobsWatch  lists the top wanted operating systems for the 3 months to 26 March 2014…


Here in the UK it’s extremely difficult to recruit experienced mobile developers for a permanent employee role. Instead, most work is done by freelancers like myself.

Two observations…

  • The situation has reversed from two years ago when iOS was in more demand than Android.
  • It’s interesting that demand for Windows and Linux developers still far exceeds, by an order of magnitude, that for mobile OS developers. I guess it’s due to all the legacy software out there. What with Mobile Eating the World, we can only expect the demand for mobile OS developers to increase and jobs become even harder to fill.