Google+ and Android

google.gifToday’s news seems to be centred on Google’s downscaling of Google+. Here’s my view from an Android perspective.

I was never a fan of the affect of Google+ on Android. The Google+ app uses so much battery power on my device that I have it permanently disabled. My other complaint is that I have become bored having to explain to less-computer literate friends how to send sms on KitKat. As I previously mentioned

"I personally don’t like the idea of having to use the Hangout app for SMS. We don’t need all the extra fluff when all we want to do is send texts. Reminder to self to try to replace the app with an older stock SMS app. It doesn’t bode well for Google’s future aspirations for the platform if they are willing to coerce users in this way."

Let’s hope Google’s latest recapitulations result in the stock Messaging app being re-instated in future versions of Android.