Implications of Separation of Handset and Tariffs

kantar.pngKantar World Panel has a useful article on how Smartphone fragmentation in Europe challenges status quo. The numbers for the three months to April 2014 showed…
  • Handset fragmentation is increasing
  • Smaller brands are gaining traction
  • Established downbeat brands such as Sony and Motorola are seeing a resurgence
  • Huawei and Wiko are seeing huge growth
The above is driven by increasing separation of handset and tariffs. This is causing consumers to realise the true cost of handsets and seek out cheaper alternatives.

"OS shares across Europe have stabilised with Android holding its position as the number one operating system in Europe, with a 72.4% share of the market. It is followed by Apple with a 17.5% share, while in third place; Windows’ European market share stands at 8.4%"


What does this mean for developers? We need to be vigilant as to what devices are becoming popular and change our basket of test devices accordingly.